Fluorescent brightener CBS-X(C.I.351)


Chemical name:
  • 4.4-bis(2-disulfonic acid styryl) biphenyl
Structural formula:

Molecular formula:
  • C28H18O6S2Na2
Molecular weight:
  • 562
Technical conditions:
  • Appearance: Yellow solid granular shape.
  • Color light: Slight-colored blue fluorescent light (approximate to the standard sample)
Solid content:
  • 99.5% min imum
  • Through 100 meshes.
  • Mainly used in increasing whiteness of cellulose fiber, PA, azelon, cotton and extensively used in synthetic washing powder. The effects of being brightened cotton by this consistency products are 2.7 times as big as fluorescent brightener of diphenyle-thene double triazine.
  • packed in 25kg paper board bucket. It also can be packed in big or small bucket according to the requirement of the customers.


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